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Video Abstracts: improve the visibility and accessibility of your research

Video Abstracts are short 2-3 minute videos with voice-over that deliver the core message of your research output. A Video Abstract is also the most effective way to quickly transmit the results of your research to a wider audience.

Video Abstracts can be submitted with your article as part of the submission and review process. They can be used as part of a media campaign once you know your paper is going to be accepted or as a component of your public outreach.

Why not include a short video clip as part of your next grant application?

Get your message across to reviewers and maximise your chances of securing support in the next funding round.
Alongside downloadable PDFs and other information about your research group, Video Abstracts are also a great way to attract traffic to your lab website; all part of successfully marketing and branding yourself as a researcher.

What our Video Abstract Service Includes


A 2-3 minute video animation
Custom animation
Professional script writing based on your manuscript
Highly qualified motion designers
English or American voice-over
Music (if requested)
Sub-titles (if requested)
Video format: MP4


Turnaround & Pricing

The turnaround time is one month (excluding public holidays) from when you approve your pre-production video to receipt of final video file.


Price $1100 USD per Video Abstract. 


Our process is three stage: (1) Video assessment, (2) Pre-production, and (3) Production.


Not all articles are suitable for Video Abstracts. When you place your order, a member of our customer services team will contact you and ask you to provide more information by completing a Video Assessment form. You then need to send this form back to our customer services team, together with your article for them to review. If your article is suitable, we move to pre-production stage. 

  • Our highly qualified scientists and motion designers familiar with audio visual production write your voice-over script, which is a short abstract of your paper (max 300/350 words). 

  • When writing the voice-over script, we will pick out key sentences and concepts from your manuscript and refer to the information you provided on your order form. You need to be as precise as possible in telling us what you want highlighted in your work (e.g. method, concept, findings). The voice-over script is critical as it determines the final Video Abstract content.

  • At this stage, you are able to revise and edit the voice-over script. We allow one round of revisions to the voice-over script within the fixed price.

  • Once the first version of the voice-over script is written, we need your acceptance before we proceed to produce the first draft video.

  • Production of the first voice-over script is up to 5 working days.

Production involves adding the voice-over service and creation of the illustrations and animations.

  • You will be sent a pre-production draft video to review and make changes if required.

  • The draft video production takes up to 3 weeks from receipt of your final voice-over script.

  • One round of changes can be included in the fixed price at the pre-production video stage.

  • If no changes are required, you will be sent the final MP4 file.

  • The turnaround time is one month (excluding public holidays) from when you approve your pre-production draft video, to receipt of the final video file.

The total duration for video production is 1 month after you have confirmed any final revisions to be made to the video at the pre-production stage.

We consult with you to approve the voice-over script and then before production of the final video. Included in the price there are 2 rounds of revisions at these key consultation stages.

  • You can make one revision to the voice-over script at pre-production stage

  • You can make one revision to the draft Video Abstract at pre-production stage

Unfortunately no revisions will be possible after we produce the final version of your video. We ensure that we capture your instructions fully before we produce the final video to avoid post-production changes which would require you to order a new video.   

No, the price is the same. 

If you are providing additional material for use in producing your Video Abstract, you represent and warrant to us that you have obtained all rights necessary in order for us to use and incorporate all or any part of the material provided by you in your Video Abstract.

Yes - we need your article, but you can upload any supplementary material that could be useful for inclusion into your Video Abstract.

You can upload supplementary material at two stages:

Pre-production: provide the material when you receive your confirmation that your article is suitable for video production. 

Production: when you review your first draft video, you may decide to include an image into the animation to better illustrate the comments.

If your supplementary material contains text, it must be in English.

You can submit supplementary material in the following formats: 

Images: PPT, DOC, PDF, JPEG, PNG or TIF formats.

Documents: all the Microsoft Office file formats

Our Video Abstracts last for 2-3 minutes and the run time is determined by the content you supply and any supplementary material to be included. The price is the same for 2 or 3 minutes.